A life in a day

Sixteen full moons ago, on July 24th, 2010, a unique movie experience was about to unfold. Millions of people submitted their amateur video footage to YouTube, then a proper movie director hand-picked a few hundred videoclips and edited the material into a 95-minute feature film that came out earlier this year.  Now you can watch the whole movie for free on YouTube.

“A life in a day” is truly amazing. It takes you out of your daily routine and shows how billions of people go about their daily lives. Apparently we all share similar fears, we cherish the same emotions and we all smile in a similar way.

But the contrast is everywhere. Water shortage vs water abundance; luxurious home vs a wooden plank on a dirty street.

My contribution was minimal: I translated the awareness campaign of this project into Hungarian.

If you have 95 minutes to spare on a bright moonlit night, go for it.



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