How to get a 10 quid per word rate?

Just as I was sinking in an onslaught of translation jobs that will definitely affect my  plans for the weekend, I received a small assignment from a favourite British client specializing in creative adaptation.

Needless to say it’s super urgent…. but it’s only three words, with a total of seven (7) letters: “up to 50% off”.

Within a few minutes I duly provided the Hungarian translation, with additional explanatory notes and tips on typesetting.

The shortest ever job I’ve had in my freelancer career was also for this client, a few years ago. Then they needed the words “yes” and “no” as they would appear on a website as buttons.

Breaking: As I was writing this blog post, the client called me on the phone, saying that the actual copy to be translated is “up to 50% off the original price”.  That still leaves 5 pounds per word – not bad for ten minutes of work.


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