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Translating genealogy documents

If you are a true American, you must have some interesting ethnic background from at least 4 different countries. If you are a true American, you don’t speak any of your ancestors’ mother tongues, even if your own grandparents made … Continue reading

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Freelancing while travelling

One of the key benefits of being a freelance translator is that you have full control over your working schedule.  Well, sort of.  Yes, you may take as much holiday as you want, but then again you have to keep … Continue reading

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What a difference a phoneme makes


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Translator as a grammar nazi

It takes some level of obsession to be a good translator. Sure, any translator must be enthuastic about their subject areas and languages in general. This time I’m specifically talking about obsession with grammar, especially target language grammar. I don’t … Continue reading

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How to get a 10 quid per word rate?

Just as I was sinking in an onslaught of translation jobs that will definitely affect my  plans for the weekend, I received a small assignment from a favourite British client specializing in creative adaptation. Needless to say it’s super urgent…. … Continue reading

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Days of the week in Hungarian

After a busy week here’s a new beginning on Monday morning.   And Hungarians actually mean it – the word for Monday literally means “week’s head”, i.e. “week’s beginning”. To start with, the Hungarian word for “week” is hét. Incidentally … Continue reading

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How to say “eleven” in 11+11+11 languages?

On this auspicious date 11/11/11 it’s time to look at how number eleven is constructed in a number of languages. (To be precise, in 11+11+11 = 33 languages.) Let’s start from Germanic languages that also include English. “Eleven” comes from … Continue reading

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