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Tag cloud from my recent 140k word translation project

This is what kept me busy in the past few months… Now I created a tag cloud from the most frequent phrases in the project Advertisements

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How to translate “to”?

Every so often I receive an Excel file with hundreds of short words to translate. Most of the time these short words are items on a graphical user interface – or GUI for short. As a rule, such lists are … Continue reading

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A life in a day

Sixteen full moons ago, on July 24th, 2010, a unique movie experience was about to unfold. Millions of people submitted their amateur video footage to YouTube, then a proper movie director hand-picked a few hundred videoclips and edited the material … Continue reading

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The importance of being Csaba

I know, I know, I don’t have an easy name to pronounce for the unassuming foreigner. But then again, it’s not that horribly difficult either. What I don’t understand is why it seems challenging for some people to spell my … Continue reading

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What’s your word-to-segment ratio?

Ever translated a legal document?  Did you find it harder than texts in other fields? Specialist terminology and background knowledge aside, there’s one fundamental aspect of legal texts that do make them harder to translate: a higher word count per … Continue reading

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Five occasions that make the freelance translator happy

A good freelance translator is a busy freelance translator – i.e. per definitionem NOT free. While I’m busy typing away, in one remote corner of my cerebral cortex I’m also considering suitable subjects for blog posts. Good news is that … Continue reading

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Freelancer’s holiday vs workload paradox

Being a freelancer is good. You are your own master, you work whenever you want, your time is very flexible – at least these are common preconceptions of freelancers, usually held by non-freelancers. The reaility, of course, is different. As … Continue reading

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